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    We're really excited to finally share our new single "Nothing Unexpected," available to stream everywhere. Thank you to everyone that showed their support by pre-saving and sharing the track. We see all of it. You guys are amazing. 

Here are some words from Connor:

It's finally out and I could not be more relieved to share this one with you guys.
This track is somewhat of a parting letter to a piece of my life that is no longer with me. There’s a tinge of hopelessness embedded in the lyrics because, at the time when I wrote them, I really struggled with the idea that everything good I was ever going to feel had already been felt and everything moving forward would just be a lesser version of what came before. And so that’s where the title stems from, this thought that nothing would ever compare or feel quite the same, there would be nothing new that I hadn’t already experienced, no surprises, nothing unexpected. It’s naive to think because I'm in a much better place now, but it’s where my mind settled at that particular point in my life.

You can listen to "Nothing Unexpected" below


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